How to install redhat linux 6 on virtual box | RHEL6 on VirtualBox

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If you want to use Linux on top of your Windows OS, then you have landed on the right page

In this video tutorial we will show you step by step Installation as well as description on How to install redhat linux 6 on oracle virtualbox.
VirtualBox is a virtualization software package for x86 and AMD64/Intel64-based computers from Oracle Corporation. It is installed on an existing host operating system as an application; this host application allows additional guest operating systems, each…


  1. I installed linux in virtual box and set 2 GB RAM Now when I see my memory it shows 6 GB usable memory but I have 8 GB installed how can I restore my usable physical memory to 8 GB again?Please reply.

  2. Hi, I followed the exact procedure using Redhat 6.4, but installation takes a different path. When it gets 5:30 where you clicked inside the screen, a discontinuity occurs. When it gets to language, I don't see the highly formatted list but instead a fixed-text with Red Buttons that say "Ok" and "Back." I click OK and click Ok on the keyboard screen. Then I get a different screen that asks "What type of media contains the installation image." At this point VirtualBox still says (under "Devices") that the ISO for RHEL 6.4 32-bit is mounted. But the only choices are Local CD-DVD, Hard drive, NFS directory and URL.

    I've tried all four options. First I tried CD-DVD. The installer then says "Disc Not Found" And provides the message "The Red Hat Enterprise Linux disc was not found on any of your CDROM drives. Please insert the Red Hat Enterprise Linux disk and press OK to retry."

    I don't understand how it got to this screen if the RHEL installer can no longer find itself. But in any case, no option will proceed to the next screen. In fact, there is no way forward at all. I tried going back and adding an Optical Drive in VirtualBox. But I still get the same "Disc Not Found" error.

    I've tried copying the RH download link which is a mile long. But the system tries to append something to the end of the URL so that doesn't work.

    What do I do?



  3. I followed all the steps and installed "rhel 6.6" in Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager. When I am trying to "sudo" with any command, it is throwing error. Could anyone help with this problem?

  4. I'm trying to install CentOS 7 on the virtual box. I choose the iso file and click start then I choose install CentOS 7 and the screen is black…nothing happens. ?

  5. The most difficult part is finding the iso file. I go to redhat site and see multiple disks. This is so infuriating. I've looked everywhere and can't find out what to do. I mean this is the most important part and yet you completely skip it.

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