How to install redhat linux 6 | RHEL6 Installation Guide

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This video will serve you as a guide for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Installation Guide for Intel and AMD 32-bit and 64-bit systems, watch the step by step detailed installation guide for learning how to install redhat linux 6

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  1. what options should i choose at the time of installation, if i already knows about basics of linux as i already used linux mint for 1 year in my old laptop?
    Can you suggest me the options which will help me to learn SysAdministration directly?

  2. hi, i need your help, i already boot rhel on my workstation that using windows server 2008 R2, but i stuck at 12:24, because after i reboot rhel, it go to root, not showing like yours. What can i do now? I have following your step but i change it from "dekstop" to "basic server", should i tick dekstop for my workstation?

  3. I am now running my pc with Windows 8 and Ubuntu 15.04. I found that many CAE softwares support Redhat only. So I wanted to install redhat as the third OS in my pc. I have thus partitioned ~12Gb in my hard disk. Will following this tutorial install the Redhat linux in my intended free partition or will it overwrite the whole hard disk?

  4. i want to install red hat linux on my workstation having 1TB Hard Disk and 12 GB RAM and having 64 bit operating system.
    When i m going to install it as per ur instructions creating custom layout my system show only 1MB of free space as it is having 388GB free space in primary partition where window7 has been installed and on another partition it show 244GB and on another it show 202GB free space. Please tell me what is the reason for being not installing linux on my workstation

  5. I had dual OS.One is linux and another is window 7. when i m tried to install fresh windows 7 but it was unable to install windows 7. At that time i inter into the linux Os and removed all partitions form it.Again i tried to install windows 7 it show error bootable manager like that.. Plz show me how to troubleshoot of it.

  6. I made a USB bootable through ISO2USb,I tried to install RHEL 6.5 over USB first 2 step completed (Install/Upgrade and lang selection) later it doesn't show the USB option to install the OS. It shows only CD/DVD,Harddisk,URL.etc

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