How To Install & Run Windows XP/95 on Android – NO PC NEEDED!

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To run Windows on your Android device, you need an emulator. Limbo PC emulator should do the job-

Download Limbo PC emulator:

Download Windows IMG for Android:

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  1. For Windows XP I put the CPU cores to 4 because that's what you did in the video but it wouldn't boot Windows XP so then I set the CPU cores to 1 and it showed the Windows XP logo and the tube shaped looking thing with the green line going left and right loading and then I got just a black screen and then the white cursor came on screen but nothing else

  2. Can this delete my phone files? Or does this reset my phone in any way so ill lose my files or is it completely safwe? If u run the windows emulator can i still close the emulator in the backround and use other apps while it runs in the backround, and lastly do you think i can run runescaope on it? XD Oldschool runescape 😀

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