How to Install SABnzbd onto Debian / Ubuntu Server

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How to Install SABnzbd onto a Debian or Ubuntu based Server.
SABnzbd is an Open Source Binary Newsreader / Downloader, access is via a Web Browser to a back-end server either on the local or a remote machine.
Running it on a Custom NAS with OpenMediaVault or FreeNAS makes for an ideal low powered system that receives all the latest multimedia Movies, TV Shows, and Music from the Internet.

In this Video Tutorial I show how to install Sab on a Debian Squeeze server running in Virtualbox.


  1. I installed on a ubuntu 14.04 works but I can't figure out how to get sabnzb to connect to a folder on my freenas box it's seems to be a lot easier to do on a windows pc but for some reason i'm stuck inside the user folders of the user that I installed sabnzb under default base folder.

  2. What servers do you recomend? I want one with minimal DMCA takedowns, and payment (must be) by GB. I am using Usenetserver atm and they have a lot of takedowns, especially from HBO series (if you know what i mean 😉

  3. Thank you for this video! I was on 0.5.4 for a long time!! always had python 2.7 problems.. messed my hole system up. Now everything is running smooth again on debian. Thanks for this video and script! good job!!

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