How To Install Setup And Run Windows XP Mode In Windows 7

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This video tutorial will show how to install, setup and run the popular Windows XP Mode onto the Windows 7 operating system for running XP programs in 7.


  1. Thanks very much for this video. My primary interest in the virtual XP is for use of PowerPoint 2003. I simply do not like 2007 as much. I have a few questions: After the downloads, will I simply install my xp discs as usual? Also, there are no security updates for xp; does this mean I should not use xp when on internet? Thank, again for your help!

  2. it was helpful , but unfortunately that I have a Home edition version of windows 7, and can't at this time take the risk of not having the whole installed software. i need win XP to run the operations research package QSB WHICH ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH 32 BIT OPERATING SYSTEMS. thanks

  3. Hi Craig, I am facing back screen while i am trying to open MsXp Windows virtual PC it states that after some text Reboot and Select proper Boot Device or Insert boot Media in selected Boot Device. Could you please give me proper solution to over come this error or pop-up.
    Thanks, Harry

  4. thanks so so so much i loved winxp when i was younger and when i got home from school one day my dad got me a win7 i was crying because i didnt have xp eneymore and i have been  looking how to do winxp mode for ages thanks! 😉 … i liked

  5. Hi Craig,i have problems to my laptop,I have a HP pavillion dv4000.I upgrade to windows 7  home premium,after i install the windows is works,but the problem is i don't have a wireless connection i can't see a avilable internet  i go to the Network Adapters on the list it say 
         = Realtek RTL8139/810xfamily fast Ethernet NIC.its the only 1 on the list.
    I have wifi at home and my laptop work on wireless connection before i upgrade into windows 7.I have question also what i need to buy to make it work,if i buy WiFi Wireless Adapter Dongle Network Card its  its the best idea for my laptop? or i need to buy a windows XP and other need to work it back to windows xp? please i need help,i will wait your reply. thank you.

  6. I created 2 virtual pcs "Windows XP Mode" (default name) and "GP02SAT" (custom name) cuz i want to run 2 versions of IE. but on my host computer (win 7) if I go to start->windows virtual pc-> I only see the defalt Windows XP Mode i dont see GP02SAT and as result i cant see GP02SAT's IE. any ideas why?

  7. After you've committed the upgrade the only way to reinstall XP is to get an OEM disk for your computer. Bring your question to the community page, they may be able to help you. You can find it in the top right corner of my channel.

  8. You could use a program called Virtualbox to attempt to do this, you'll need a 32-bit copy of Windows 7 though. Remember, questions can also be asked at the Google+ community pcmtechhelp[dot]com/community where you will get a more prompt response from fellow YouTubers and subscribers 🙂 Hope this helps.

  9. I'm actually planning (don't tell too many people) a virtualization series, where it goes through the configuraiton and setup of many different operating systems on top of Windows 7. I will be using VirtualBox instead of VMWare

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