How to : Install software in an ubuntu/debian based linux distro

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In this tutorial i show you how to install and uninstall software within linux lite. As an added “bonus” i also show you how to add a repository and update packages. Most ways of installing are show, Synaptic Package Manager + terminal. Also how to install various file types, such as .run and .deb.

Wine repository: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa

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  1. In linux you have 2 main types of packages: Binary such as, .deb, .rpm (same as .exe files in windows. The other type is source packages, the source packages contain the source code of programs which the user then needs to compile before installing. The package manager usually has a GUI from which you can manage the packages/programs installed on your linux machine. The terminal is kinda like command prompt (cmd) in windows.
    hope this helps and thank you for the feed back … will take note.

  2. Hi, great voice, and no hesitation, which is nice, but I didn't like waiting 30 seconds at the beginning, and I found the music distracting. I would rather hear your voice. I am so new at Linux that I don't understand 'package' or package manager or if I'm not supposed to install stuff -binaties?- I find on the net, if terminal is different from the 'software centre' or if the software centre is different from a package manager – it's different from windows terminology, and I need help.

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