How to install SQLMap on Windows XP/7/8 .

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Python 2.7 :
SQLMap :
Segma-C Hackers facebook page :


  1. welldone well explained worked for me thanks anyways i want to contact w/you can you please send me your facebook address so can i reach and chat with ya btw song sucks :p

  2. the part that im in the sqlmap cmd and typing -u is having an error, -u needs an arguement" that whats showing up, and "press enter to continue" then its closing. what'll i do?

  3. Hi thanks for the video, but its not working on my PC. I am holding Windows 10 and installed as instructed in the video. However, I am getting following error '' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file'. Pls. help me in overcoming this problem.

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