How to Install the Liquorix Kernel in Ubuntu/Debian

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IN this video, I demonstrate the installation of the Liquorix kernel in Ubuntu or Debian. To learn more about the kernel, visit

I had intended to list install instructions here, but YouTube descriptions don’t allow brackets, which are part of the instructions. However, the Liquorix homepage has excellent instructions, and can guide you through the installation process.

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  1. I did everything you did, but I still couldn't install it. After adding the text to the sources.list file and updating the repositories, I got an error about the Liquorix kernel. I figured I'd do what did and keep going by trying to install the keyring and that didn't work. It couldn't find a package by that name.

    I also tried installing the Linux image themselves but that didn't work either.

  2. The only problem with the Liquorix kernel is that it won't install on Debian Jessie or Ubuntu 14.04 because it requires GCC 5 or higher. Works fine on Ubuntu 16.04 or Debian testing

  3. Wasn't expecting custom kernel content over here. This kernel doesn't add much code on mainline Linux kernel. It's more tweaking values and presets than actual code. Take look at Kolivas' Kernel (ck) if possible, it's so snappy. Good video by the way!

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