How to install the Netbeans IDE and Java JDK on Windows 8 / 8.1 or Windows 10

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  1. netbeans is not getting installed ,showing jdk is not found on computer,but i installed jdk se 9.0.1,and even did that path stuff in environment variables,what's the problem? :/

  2. i am getting something error when i select the java application it is showing me a big mg that is " Not all requested modules can be enabled:[// big message ] what i have to do anyone give me the solution please

  3. can some one help me im so disppointed i will complete my task as per shedule but i cant cz my netbeans ide 8.2 not opening only show blue screen for some second after its gone and not open what should i will do pls if sir help me or any one can help me so im so thanks full ….!!

  4. I need help downloading visual c++ 2013.  it never gives me any error messages when i click download.  it just goes to the installation page and the download never starts

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