How to Install the New Tor Browser in Kali Linux

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This video covers installing the Tor Browser Bundle v3.6+ (older versions work too, there is just an extra step with the new version,) on Kali Linux. There are 2 errors you will run into when trying to install it, and I cover how to easily fix them.

To extract Tor:
tar -xvf tor-browser-linux64-3.6.1_en-US.tar.xz

To fix the second problem, change to the directory where the Tor files are, then type:
chown -R root *



  1. you are awesome ……. i've learned more than enough …. its been 7 months i've installed kali, but barely know how to use it properly…. thank you very much…..

  2. hey man. When i open the package start-tor-browser i dont get and error message concerning root. It just brings me to the leafpad document but it differs from yours. With no code to be changed. When i run ./start-tor-browser in terminal it says no such file found. When i enter apt-get install tor. It says unable to locate package Tor. Please help man

  3. Hey. I have done all this. Still my Tor connect through Windows 7 Ultimate quickly where as on Kali Linux 2016.2 its not even connecting after 1 hour. Tor keeps saying "Loading Network Status". Please do help me out!

  4. Hello, I run Kali on my Raspberry, when I changed that 0 to 1 and ran it, it gives me a different error than yours: "Wrong architecture? 32-bit vs. 64-bit." When I followed your fix for your error it didn't fix mine, it still displays the architecture error.

  5. Awesome… this is rather outdated and the files looked and were set up much differently but it was all exactly the same. Edit and change permissions and away you go… Thanks so much… got this working on the newest Kali setup…

  6. I have an issue could you please help, so i've followed your video fully and just as i ./start-tor-browser i get, gtkdialog mapped without transient parent . this is discouraged. what does that mean?? please help

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