How to Install Ubuntu Linux on ChromeOS / Chromebook / Chromebox – Asus M004u Crouton

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In this update to my Asus Chromebox review, I take a look at installing Ubuntu Linux on the Chromebox in an effort to run applications beyond Google Chrome. Using a utility called Crouton I was able to very easily run Linux applications side-by-side with the ChromeOS with little to no risk of bricking the system. Quite impressive!

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  1. I have downloaded linux and i was trying to play games with steam and it didnt work because of some gl error?!!?!…., does someone here have the same problem?? would be nice if someone could help me with this!

  2. why would you want to run two operating systems in parallel on the same hardware on a already limited piece of hardware? How much does this affect performance? Can Linux be installed instead of the chrome os?

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the video the installation went great.

    However, I've tried installing certain application for web development such as Sublime Text 3 and GEdit.

    However, for some reason, Sublime Text 3 doesn't launch and I can't seem to download GEdit.

    I might be doing something wrong. Would you have some tips?


  4. Lon, I have 4 years old kid and it is a pain to enter password every time chrome OS boot. The kid does not know how to enter password. This is an issue for me.
    After developer mode is done and it boot up chrome OS again, does it ask for password ?

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