How to Install Ubuntu Studio 16.04

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Today I will show you how to install Ubuntu Studio 16.04. So Ubuntu Studio is a media focused version of Ubuntu.

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  1. I installed Ubuntu Studio 16.04 today after testing it on a Live USB on and off for several days. The instalation went smooth without any hickups, I created password and encryption key when prompted. But on restart it does not recognise the encryption key I created .
    So that mean I have a laptop with no W8.1 anymore and a Ubuntu Studio 16.04 that don't work.
    Any tip what to do to get it work?

  2. can i replace windows 8.1 with ubuntu studio?i have intel icore5+4 ram dell laptop that i was using for editing fotos,videos,music but now its veeeeery slow and stucking with windows and i hate it!

  3. i burnt the files to dvd as instructed following download but my laptop ignores it at startup after setting the boot order to CD/DVD and goes straight into windows. can you help me get this working please?

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