How to Install Ubuntu Tutorial

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A tutorial demonstrating how to install Ubuntu. To download Ubuntu, visit

To download Win32 Disk Imager, visit

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  1. Can anyone help me
    Basically I get to the point where it asks to restart but once I press restart it goes straight back to the start of the installation process
    I have lost windows and it’s just this loop
    Please help

  2. nice i see lot of vidieo for update / download Ubuntu but no seen like this vidieo which teach all …first step to last step easily ..
    i like this vidieo very very much n useful for me

    I try Ubuntu new version last 4 days but not get success
    I will try this n apsultly success………

  3. I have a burned disk(dvd) but I can't figure out to initiate anything or get to an opening screen for install. I've been trying for week. I'm about over it. The videos either don't apply me(different os) or don't show how they actually get to the opening screen.

  4. So if i am planning on using it on a system with 4gb of memory i would have to use the 32 bit version right because i am new to the whole Linux thing and would like to try it out on a old back up system i plan on building which would have a Core 2 Quad in it.

  5. Hi, I created a Win7 VM using 65GB with 4GB of RAM. I wanted to do the process where I add Ubuntu alongside it. Do you think I've allotted enough space or should I change/del my Windows VM and start over with less resources? Awesome tutorial, thanks!

    By the way actual system, I'm using a SSD with 126GB available space, and 16GB of RAM.

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