How to Install Unity on Arch Linux

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In this video, I demonstrate how to install the Unity desktop on Arch linux. If you wish to install the Arch base with the Architect Installer, here is a link to my Architect tutorial:

Install a base Arch system with the Openbox Window manager and lightdm display manager. After booting into Openbox, install firefox and gedit with the following terminal command:

sudo pacman -S firefox gedit

Edit the pacman.conf file by entering the following…


  1. Unity doesn't seem to boot for me (yes I did use lightdm-ubuntu). Every time I log in I get passed the login screen but unity itself doesn't seem to boot up. Pacman also keeps notifying me about not being able to satisfy the "libzeitgeist" dependency which causes other unity programs not being able to install. Has anyone else had this problem(and fixed it?)?

  2. Don't even use "pacman -Syy" only, always do "pacman -Syu" before installing software on Arch, because it's likely that an important library might be updated that breaks compatibility with older ones.

  3. Hey!

    Very nice video, thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    I was actually interested in if it's possible to get Unity 2D running on Arch Linux. As you sad, Unity is "love-and-hate" and I hate the sidebar, but love the globalmenu and Unity 2D is more "modular" under this aspect.

    Let me know and thank you!

  4. is it possible to make the menubar to be mac-like, like on the real unity? i mean separate File, Edit,Tools etc on the top panel, and to maximize the windows so the window titlebar will integrate into the top panel? i mean this stuff is the main reason i use unity and ubuntu, unity was designed from scratch to work on netbook screeens with 1024×600 resolution and thats what i like about it.

  5. A.J. I am so laughing but please let me continue and then you'll realise how weird this is..I was trawling through some of my YouTubers today and I saw a very old video on Unity and that got me thinking could this be done in Arch could I have a Unity desktop..My thinking was no Arch user would have this so I was sure there'd be nothing..So this afternoon at around 2:30pm I downloaded Ubuntu 14.04 just to look again at the desktop..I started taking notes on what I would have to do to make this desktop and build it myself but it would have to look like the real thing..I left it went for a walk and then thought this is one for the back burner..Then you do this…Now you know why I'm laughing..Thanks A.J. great video I really was not expecting this..You mind read right lol 🙂 250 thumbs up

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