How to: install/update your printer drivers in Windows 8

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This tutorial shows the process of updating your printer drivers in Windows 8. Highlighting the differences & similarities with Windows 7.


  1. i have a printer canon pixma mg2440 with that printer i got a CD but as my acer laptop is small it dont have feature to put CD so i cannot put CD in so i decided to put the CD in my thinkpad big laptop so when i put it so there came many files in that CD so i dont know which file i should download for canon pixma mg2440….pls say which file i should download….

  2. Hi. I have a HP Color LaserJet 3600N printer, but I don't have the software CD.  Windows 8 doesn't have the printer automatically. What do I do to download it so my printer works with my computer?

  3. my problem is that the drivers for windows8x64 are available on the website of the manufacturer to download, but it won't show up in the "new driver" thing… I downloaded the drivers from the website and unpacked them and there even was an UpdateSetUp, but running and completing that did nothing to the printer :/

  4. Thank you so much for your help! HP just tried to make me pay $180 to have my photo printer 5510 installed! I seem your video and was at to install it with one try!!!! Thank you for all your hard work!!!

  5. Please do not take is as negative criticism – you mumbled through theentire video..worts I heard were Windows 7, Properties, and Printer, but could not listen – also the voice was very low as if you are telling some big secrets!..First I thought that it was me, but then I read other reviewer's comments and saw that they have the same complain..
    Moreover this did not solve my problem..I believe, someone smart or Microsoft and HP need to figure this out and tell us..I have a HP Officejet 6200..

  6. What if you don't see the printer in the control panel after putting in the CD? I put in the Starter CD, and it told me that it could not install because Windows 2003 and 2008 don't support it, or something like that 🙁

  7. Ok, that was easy but how do install additional software for the printer? The printer has installed automatically when plugged in but however, to use the scan facility etc this requires a further installation. How do I do this. So far ni success!!

  8. Sey without being there I doubt I can give you a fix. My first thoughts though are, does the printer have its own wifi/Bluetooth or wired network card or is it connected to another PC which shares it out on the network? is the printer on the same network as your laptop? If the printer is physically wired into the network & your laptop is wirelessly connected then chances are your on two separate networks in which case you won't be able to connect to the printer.

  9. Halucinacija2 is the printer connected to your PC, if so it should automatically install itself. You shouldn't need to manually install drivers for it. There are no win8 drivers available for that printer yet but HP do have win7 drivers for it which you can download from the HP website. win7 drivers should still allow the printer to function in win8. Those drivers can be installed with the exe they come with or via the steps outlined in the video.

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