How to Install VirtualBox in Debian or Ubuntu

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Tutorial on how to install Oracle VirtualBox in Debian and Ubuntu, including how to get USB devices working properly in VirtualBox with the VM Extension Pack.

Terminal Commands:



  1. Dear Sir,

    This is Basavaraj From India, would like to request you to help me about how to enter virtual machine's Bios Settings of VirtualBox
    Just Now I have installed VirtualBox On Ubuntu 16.04 x64bit OS.

    My Desktop PC is HP Compaq dx2480 Business PC With Standard Configuration like Core 2 Due Processer and 8GB RAM and 250GB Hard Disk Extra Extra… For This PC I can enter into bios settings using F 10 and F 9 For BOOT MENU.

    I Kindly Request you to Do Help Sir as early as possible…

    Thanking you Sir


  2. Out of all the stupid dumb tutorials I found online, this is the only one that worked! Jesus fuck I spent ages on this getting trillions of shit dumb errors.
    Thank you.

  3. Okay got my pc working but my boot splash is forever gone im stuck looking at grubs because of this douche do not do this the only fix if my case happenes to you need the live cd and some well ALOT of commands to type and some praying too im reporting this video

  4. Do not do this fucking retards way of fucking your drive up i checked and rechecked his instructions and then did exactly as he instructed and as i sit here now with a massive boot error dropping me to initframs i wish i never did it this way askubuntu users warned me of this method this was the last thing i did with my desktop and before this was installing a SAFE app but then i turned off my desktop for the evening and went to bed little did i know i would not be able to use my pc for two days as i frantically looked for a solution

  5. "It is not as simple as downloading an executable file and installing it" except that you are completely wrong and yes it totally is that simple. – they provide DEB files for 64bit and 32bit for Ubuntu, Debian, etc. and RPMs for openSUSE, Fedora, etc.

    You are showing a process of adding a repository for easy updating and that is it.

    And STOP telling people to use "sudo su", it is not faster and potentially dangerous.

    +1 for the eula, "couldn't put it down" joke…that was good.

  6. I see you are trying out SolydK. How is it going so far? And have you erased your Ubuntu Installation?

    Thanks for the tutorial, I have to check that out soon as VB never really worked well with Linux on my old laptop…

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