How to Install Windows 10 Boot Camp External SSD Thunderbolt

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In this Video im going to share How to Install Windows 10 on a External SSD over Thunderbolt on the StoreJet 500
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There are other ways of installing Windows 10 on a external SSD, but after a lot of testing this was the most effective way that i did find for my self.

This way we can have a external SSD with Windows Boot Camp without sacrificing our internal…


  1. So i had this solution on my iMac 2011 with thunderbolt 2. Now i bought the new 2017 iMac with thunderbolt 3 and wanted to have my Windows on my thunderbolt drive (freecom, not storejet). Because the new imac doesn't have a TB2 port i actually tried to do this with USB since it has USB 3.0 too and Steve Myers had a solution for how to make it work. I did everyting according to instructions but every restore with Winclone, no matter if i did a WIM restore or a block based copy, it didn't work. I would get a bluescreen everytime. I ended up buying a thunderbolt 3 to thunderbolt 2 adapter. To make a long story short i eventually realized that my Freecom thunderbolt 2 SSD disk hade a sector size of 512 and my new imac had 4096 and since that is physical there's nothing you can do to change that. There a different stories out there on how to fix it etc.. but the only way i was able to solve it, 10 hours later, was to startup my old imac, create a bootcamp partition on it with windows and clone that drive to my external ssd drive. I had also created a bootcamp partition on my new imac. I downloaded the bootcamp drivers on the new imac to a USB drive for later use. I started my new imac connected the thunderbolt 2 drive, removed the existing bootcamp drive on my new imac. Went in to settings and wanted to change the startup drive to the bootcamp drive.. bam.. “The bless tool was unable to set the current boot disk” error in bootcamp macOS Sierra. Fortunately i found a webpage describing and solving that error, And the solution was to start Winclone, right click the thunderbolt connected bootcamp drive and klick on "Make EFI bootable". After that i selected the drive and the restart worked!! In windows i ran the bootcamp setup that i had on my previously created usb drive and that was it! Maybe this will help somebody with the same problem. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask them.

  2. Dear Jorge, I have installed windows 10 on my macbook pro using boot camp. So, at the moment i have both Windows 10 and Mac OS X.
    The size of my windows partirion is 300 GB. Can i make another partition inside windows 10 to have like 2, 150GB size paritions ?

  3. The issue to upgrade Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update (1709) on the external SSD still remains. Unfortunately the installation routine is not accepting USB drives for that upgrade neither under Win 10 nor with the help of a boot stick. Does anyone knows a workaround to prevent a fresh installation of Win 10 1709 deleting all personal files?

  4. Mine didnt have the usb flash drive option when I started bootcamp. Moving forward it gave me the option to choose one of my internal HD’s and it ended up giving me the option to create a 2nd partition. After choosing, a message popped up prompting me to insert a windows disk in order to move on with the installation. How can I bypass that and continue with the iso image?

  5. When I start Boot Camp, I can't select an USB Drive to install the drivers. I have to directly select my partition on my internal drive. Does it work without the installation on  the USB Drive?

  6. I'm trying to make the work from an usb ssd, but i'm stuck with a blue screen asking me to repair windows. I tried to make the ssd "efi bootable" with winclone but it just didn't work. the bootcamp partition on HD worked fine and i can start the external ssd with parallels. any help? except buying a thunderbolt drive, it that's the problem, of course. I'm working on a 2012 macbook pro retina

  7. Hi guys, so im trying to install windows 10 on my external hardrive but im not trying to use the whole 1tb external hard drive space. How do i do it so i can partition it to like 150gb or something like that. Please Help

  8. Hi to everyone. I have a macbook pro retina 13 early 2015 with a partition bootcamp with windows 10, and now an external ssd WD mypassport I followed the clear tutorial of Roberto with the winclone procedure, but when a reboot the mac and i start the EFI boot external partition, windows 10 don't work. There is a continuous flicker on the windows home screen (black screen – windows screen – black screen -windows screen etc) and i can't do anything. is there a solution to my problem? (i have changed the bootdriverflags to 0x14, maybe the scheme when i format the ssd in FAT with disk utility is wrong? i have used GUID partition map). p.s: when i finish to clone the iso on external ssd with winclone, i haven't erased the bootcamp partition on internal hard drive to precaution. is it mandatory before restart and boot the EFI boot external?)
    Thank you in advance for your interest.

  9. Hello Roberto,

    thx for the video, everything works fine. Only Wincloe SIP – problem braked the success a bit. But I made it finally. But now I have the problem, that I have only the Bootcamp space of 50 GB on my 250 GB SSD – is there a way to get the full size SSD space? – can I increase it on the external SSD under Windows 10 ? in retrospect ?

  10. Hello Jorge –
    This is great. I am hoping to be able to do this. I have a MacBook Pro (17 inch, Mid 2010).
    I have upgraded the Hard Drive to a 1 TB Solid State SATA Drive and have 2 4GB Memory installed for a total of 8GB
    I have (with me) a portable Lacie 2 TB External USB Drive (currently I use this to back up my laptop while on the road, so right now, there is 1.48 of 2 TB available. Will I be able to use this for Installing Boot Camp/Windows?
    I am also interested in seeing how I can install COREL PAINTER 18 on an External Hard Drive so that I can use my CINTIQ Drawing Tablet while on the road with out my computer. Interested to see if that would be possible as well. Any information or answers you can give me would be very helpful. Thanks!

  11. I am having trouble with bootcamp on macOS Sierra version 10.12.6. I formatted the pen disk as described, opened bootcamp assistant and it doesn't recognize any usb drives and want to partition my main drive. What am i doing wrong?

  12. Hi Roberto, currently I am running OSX Sierra and Windows 10 successfully from my external Samsung T3 SSD havin 250GB storage using my Apple iMac 27" Retina 5K 3,2 GHz Intel Core i5 8GB 1TB M380 (MK462D/A).
    Your video was my initial step to buy my first iMac in my life and I am generally very satisfied with it.
    However, having no OS on the internal 1TB HDD I am not able anymore to mount this drive under Win10. Using OSX the HDD is active and formatted with exFat for use under both systems. The HDD is not showing up in the Windows partition manager. Any any with detailed instructions since I am going to use the 1TB only as addition storage. Thanks a lot in advance an have a wonderful sunny Sunday!

  13. Hi all, does somebody managed to install the "windows creator update"? I am in Holidays and like to have little round of Forza Horizon Arcade Racer on my MacBook. The Update is making 'something' but after restarting the new Version of W does not appear (well nothing special with this OS). I wonder if this happens because W10 is running from the external Thunderbolt drive 😮

  14. when installing the bootcamp drivers on the external hard drive, its gets stuck at "enumerating pre installed packages".. Any way to fix this… I downloaded the Windows support installation from Boot camp Assistant, to an external usb thumb drive, then copied it to my windows partition drive. Not sure how to fix this..

  15. Hola Roberto, I am in the process of installing three OS X versions, as well as Boot Camp Windows 7, on my SJ500 and your videos are proving very helpful. Thank you for all your time and effort in testing these configurations as well as producing the videos. Kudos!

    My project should take a few days to complete. In the process I've come across something you mentioned in your "How to Install Windows 10 Boot Camp External SSD Thunderbolt", at around time marker 21:30. You indicated that your system was still seeing a few drives when you restarted to switch boot drives and that you'd have to check and probably repair permissions in order to correct this problem. I'm running into the same difficulty and am not sure exactly what you meant by check and repair permissions. If you could explain this process a bit more I, and perhaps others, would appreciate it.

    Thanks again!


  16. Hi Roberto. Thanks so much for the video. I installed it and cloned it to my hard drive partition. And then deleted the bootcamp from my internal drive. But I can't see bootcamp as an option in Startup Disk preferences. I tried making the external hard drive partition EFI bootable and Legacy bootable through winclone but it did not work. Can you help me ? 🙂

  17. Ok, OSX and Win10 are running fine from my external Samsung T3. Is there a chance to get Bootcamp 6.1 (instead of 6.0). From OSX Bootcamp 6.1 I am saving the Driver package but when installing it afterwards under Win 10 it alwys Shows Version 6.0?! Alternatively, is it possible to use the latest AMD graphic drivers and Keep the other ones so that Win10 is running well on iMac 5k?

  18. Hi Roberto, I have installed windows 10 on my Mac as your video has shown. However when I check the Drive C: on windows, I only see 40 GB of space (which is the same space as when I installed the partition with bootcamp.) .. My question is, does the windows only allow me to use 40 GB of the external drive or full space of the external drive?

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