How to Install Windows 10 Creators Update

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How to Install Windows 10 Creators Update

Whether your looking to upgrade to Windows 10 Full Creators Update or Whether you are looking to do a fresh install of Windows 10 Full Creators Update. I will show you a step by step guide on installing Windows 10.

Your need a USB flash drive if your doing a fresh install of Windows 10.

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  1. Help! My pc is running windows 10 home version 1607. I cannot download any updates, plus the update assistant always gives an error code. What if I do the upgrade using the media creation tool, will I need a new activation code after installation?

  2. I'd rather chose to download the ISO file using the media creation tool then make it bootable on my flash drive later on with
    Command Prompt using Diskpart or Rufus. Either way it'll work the same way from booting it from the flash drive. Good thing with ISO file, you can save it into your external hard drive so you won't have to download the file all over again. By the way, thanks Brian to your tutorial video on how to make bootable flash drive using Diskpart. Your video tutorials helps me a lot. God bless.

  3. Ok, I created an iso of my System was on a 500 GB HD. I installed a WD 1TB. After finished install I only see 469GB of the WD 1TB showing up. What do I do to see all the space. I would like to create a partion big enough to put this system iso on the drive for recovery. How do I accomplish that?

  4. I think you should edit your video title to represent the correct update that will be installed as this will install Windows 10 build version 1709 which is the "Fall Creators Update".

  5. Great like all your video's Brian.I have a problem with getting windows 10 creators update on one of my machines. It downloads ok then goes through trying to install etc, eventually it gets to somewhere around 80% and freezes. I have tried using the usual update method and using windows 10 upgrade assistant and the same thing happens.I then after leaving it for several hours to see if it continues,have to do a hard reboot where it then says briefly it will try to complete the install but then says and does go back to the previous version of windows. Something I think is stopping it from completing, I have looked on line and tried various things suggested but nothing has worked so far. This was originally a windows 7 machine that went to windows 8 then 8.1 and finally to windows 10, but it will not go to this new update. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Brian … my HDD is not getting detected I initially had a 500 gb Hitachi HDD from and just got me a 250 gb ssd from Samsung… none of the software easy partition, aoemi , even the Samsung software doesn't recognize my HDD any suggestion?

  7. @Britec09 can you do a video or recommend a program on how to find out how to track what and who is eating up all the bandwidth in a household? It never use to be a problem really but now with monthly data limits on our internet plan of 1Tb a month we seem to be going over that before the month is up. Any help on the matter will be greatly appreciated.

  8. Hey Brian, maybe you can clarify, I believe when you get the download tool to make the USB drive you will only end up with a target OS partition scheme or MBR for BIOS or UEFI (depends what your PC supports). If you want UEFI for GPT then you are going to need to download the ISO and use a program like RUFUS to make the thumb drive.

  9. Simple, easy to follow instructions. Great video, as always, Brian.

    Question for you, or your viewers: Can I switch from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 Home? My Windows 10 Pro is unactivated, and I think I would rather have Windows 10 Home.

    If this can be done, is it the same process as in your video, except I would select Windows 10 Home instead of Pro?

  10. Very informative as always brian. When after pc comes back from repairs, ill be sure to consult this vid. This update looks very intriguing than last update👍

  11. It's a shame this tool is so good at downloading the ISO and so bad at making a flash drive. I've used it many many times and it fails the write process a good 90% of the time. Best part is that if you run it again it'll redownload the entire installer and probably fail again too. There are a bunch of things to do to try and get it to work correctly, but those are often not a solution. If anyone runs into this issue, just download the ISO and use Rufus to actually create the USB media.

  12. Would be better to download the ISO with the MEDIA CREATION TOOL. So the contents of the ISO can be copied to a
    new or formatted flash drive, also ISO makes a good backup if needed again !!

  13. Hi Brian… I'm a bit confused (no fault of yours, LOL). I already have Windows 10 Home but do not have the Creator update (my PC tries to auto update online via Windows Update, but always fails). Does the method you show install just the Creator update or will I be reinstalling Windows 10 Home and lose everything on my current single partition?

  14. Can i only download windows 10 iso image, and then use rufus to create bootable usb flash drive? With rufus i can create bootable usb flash with MBR ( master boot record ) partition scheme for older BIOS or for CSM ( Compatibility Support Module ), or with GPT partition scheme in fool UEFI mode, to install windows 10 or 8.1 or 7 64bit.

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