How to Install Windows 10 on a Chromebook [2017]

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Chromebook’s are pretty powerful devices, but Chrome OS can really throttle the actual usability of them. After installing Windows they can become fully fledged ultrabooks, Here’s how you can do it right now.

cd ~;
curl -L -O
sudo bash

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  1. Uh oh… I got stuck at point 9:10 in the video… It won't boot anything… Can someone tell me what happened? A list of things showed up on the screen and near the end it says…

    blkC :BlockDevice – Alias (null)

    Press ESC in 1 second to skip startup.nsh, any other key to continue.

    Does anyone know what went wrong? How do I fix this? I press keys etc and can't get anywhere… I don't even know how to reboot it etc. 🙁

  2. The thing that i do not get is that, whenever it says "Data will not be saved" it just so scares me because i have data that will be very important for later uses, and i really want that to be transmitted into the windows version from the chrome book with no fear that i will lose all my data. Mostly i want a USB so i wont have to recover all the data from the Chrome OS version. I mean a chrome book is good and all but i mean why can't google just make it so it can function like a real PC/Laptop, it would really interest others into buying one of these.

  3. hello sir thank for ur lecture it it help me a lot i have done one of my Accer chrome laptop but i got problem on it so for example if i on the laptop it won't book automatic . i mean the window won't come on less i press power and fresh key . pls i need help from u sir

  4. Do you know if it's possible to duel boot with a Chromebook using an external USB drive for Windows and/or Linux where it's not required to modify the base chrome install?

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