How To Install Windows 10 On Any Windows 8.1 Tablet (Read Description)

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The method was shown on iBall Slide i701 but it was not successful due to a weird touch issue. Still, the method works and Windows 10 on Notion Ink Cain 8 is the proof of that.

The method could work on your i701 though, mine had its touch panel replaced, maybe that’s why it didn’t work. So try and tell me about it in the comments below.

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  1. Dude you should connect your extra keyboard and mouse pad before the device boot itself, because while booting any windows machine always checks for the other hardware detected. So the problem you faced of not being able to respond to windows 10 setup option will be resolved. You should connect your keyboard pad and mouse pad before you TURN ON the device then it will recognise those input devices and will let you interact with windows 10 setup thingy

    Hope it helps!

  2. Hello, was wondering if you figured out how to fix the touch not working issue? was trying on an hp pro tablet 10ee and facing the same problem, going to attempt an unattended install, perhaps that might work. *Update* oh well just used a usb hub to connect a usb keyboard and a usb flash disk and windows 10 is installing now. Another issue i faced on my hp tablet was that windows could not install off a bootable sdcard, i tried but it gave a missing driver error and asked to insert correct media disk, it seems windows does not include full support for sd cards and some touch input drivers for some devices during installation, as a workaround i made a bootable usb thumbdrive instead and worked like a charm, as for the touch support i connected a OTG adapter to micro usb port and connected a usb hub which then connected a USB Keyboard and bootable USB thumb drive,Phew!…just though id share my solution if anyone else happens to read this. And Thankyou Aetomatic for the awesome video! Cheers!

  3. Touch screen doesn't work at the the time of windows setup (clean install). It is not the problem with your tab only. Most of the tab has this problem.
    If anyone wants to install clean copy of windows 10 on iball i701 or similar tab, Connect a wired usb keyboard/mouse (not wireless) and a bootable pendrive through "USB hub" and then restart the tablet, then you will boot the tablet with usb installation mode then only you can select the the option at the time of Windows setup using keyboard/mouse and successfully complete the installation.

    Note: If you restart the tablet with keyboard and mouse connected then only keyboard/mouse drivers get initiated and they get detected. (In you video, you try to connect Mouse/keyboard after the restart that's why it doesn't work)

    After installation completed. I am facing one major problem and that is my touch screen is not working, memory card is not detected, etc (Basically it is not installing proper drivers at the time of clean installation)

  4. I am getting the error "Setup failed to initialize working directory"I have 2.38 gb free on c drive and 28 gb free on the sd card which is formatted in NTFS. How do I force the setup to use the sd card? It is not asking me that option.

    I own an ibal wq32 tab. Please help. @Aetomatic

    Update: Reached there.. now it is asking for 470 mb more in C drive. From where should I get it?

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