How To Install Windows 7 For Windows 10 Using VirtualBox(WORKS) 2017

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**For Education Purpose Only**
Hey guys, in this video, i’m showing you How To Install/Get Windows 7 Ultimate for Windows 10 Using a VirtualBox. It is totally free forever(LIFETIME). Links are provided below!

Link for VirtualBox:

Link for Windows 7 iSO:

Link for Windows…


  1. in virtual box i can choose only 32bit windows 7 so if i download 64 bit from this website and my computer is 64bit
    so i need download 32 bit or 64 bit if on virtual box only 32 bit but my pc is 64 bit pls help and is it virus?

  2. I tried to Install Windows 7. But every time it sets up, it shows an error about Windows not opening the file. I don't know how to fix it. I would like some help and some advise. thanks! 🙂

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