How to install Windows 7 from Pen Drive [Official Method] [2015]

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In this tutorial, you will learn How to install Windows 7 from Pendrive or USB flash drive very easily and officialy.

Most Notebook does not come with a CD/DVD drive and therefore installing or upgrading to a new operating system is always a challenge.

You can create a bootable USB drive by installing official Microsoft tool. Download here

This simple tool will help you convert the same image file into to a USB thumb drive. For installation purposes, you should get a…


  1. Try Rufus to create a bootable Pen drive it's easy to use and lite weight. size 873KB. download it to know more about Refus go to GizPrime. and how to create a ISO file see on gizPrime.

  2. I cant find my fuckin Download. I Don't have a Disk F and typed almost everything into search nothing is coming up. This is getting me pretty pissed off actually lol… What am I doing wrong?

  3. I have some questions about for the Window 7 ISO file provided in the link above. Do I still need to activate with window key while installing OS with this ISO file provided above?

  4. Thanks for this great tutorial! But I have a question , Is it possible to do this process
     with a computer that has no windows ? ( has no operating system)

    Bye the way: I have downloaded the ISO file on the USB stick!

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