How to install windows 7 on virtual box (ISO FILE)

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This is an explanation on how to install windows 7 as a ISO file on VirtualBox (
Enjoy! 🙂


  1. it's not working, says no bootable medium found! and yes I have the iso mounted but it's not doing anything.
    My bad, mounted the wrong iso somehow lol all good now, although I had to manually do it in setting/storage

  2. Hello Dear Maarkush. I hope everytngs fine. I just watched your video about installing win7 in vbox. It was great and iam really inspired of you. Then i followed your video to install windows 7 in virtualbox but i got stuck at ISO file. Could you tell me how do i get ISO file or would i need to insert bootable CD/DVD of windows.? If i inserted the DVD wouldnt it effect my orignal windows (windows that iam currently using).
    Iam pleased to get your help.
    Your fan. Turkman Cena

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