How to install Windows 7 Ultimate Operating System (Microsoft)

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This video will show you how to install Windows 7 Ultimate Operating System (Microsoft) on the Dell latitude D620 laptop. Installing Microsoft windows 7 operating system is very simple once you are willing to learn. Installing Microsoft windows 7 OS onto your laptop of PC desktop will cost you less after watching this video.


  1. hi got a quick question which version of windows 7 r u using 32bit or 64bit version. and also how big is your hard drive too. i have a dell latitude d520 as well and ,i j just upgraded 2gb rams and 1tb hard drive. and i am having trouble trying to install windows 7 on my dell latitude using dvd disc to install the o/s. also i am getting this error message bootmgr is missing does any body have this issue before and suggestion thank you.

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