How to install Windows 7 with an iso

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websites you need:
For windows 7 isos:
For iso reader:

The dowload of the iso is about 2.3gbs so it may take a while
If you want ultimate it may not be the offical version

This works on xp, vista, and 7 (with 7 if u wanted to reinstall or upgrade it to a better version)

I did this with my…


  1. OMG Thank you so much. You are the best, if it wasn't for you i'd still be with windows xp (not that its bad or anything, its just really hard to install others from there) Thank you so much

  2. yo thnks soo much bruh. i fiund the iso image file and did everything thnks man i have been stuck with windows vista home basic service pack 2 for i think around 7 years cuz we kept getting viruses and stuff so i couldnt update it. up till now thnks man 🙂

  3. I tried to instal winusb for my pc. As I installed my usb and logged to winusb it askek me to drag the software which I want to download from usb hub I have done the same. But after completion the my pc's C drive is full and my pc has become slow. And I could able to remove the dowloded softwares from C drive. Please give me suggestions what I have to do further to install the winusb.


  4. My vista is screwed up, I cnt do anythin so i thught y not update( it has a virus) whenever i try to launch the setup file i click install and it says unable to install unexpected error and then the program turns itself off someone plz help thx

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