How To Install Windows 8.1 From USB Guide/Tutorial (Easiest Method)

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This is a real quick guide on our preferred method of installing Windows 8.1 from a USB flash drive. There are lots of other ways, but this is the one that is consistently most reliable and super easy to boot!

What you need:
4GB+ Flash Drive

Get Windows 8.1 ISO from CD Key:
Get 90 day Eval copy of Windows 8.1:
Windows ISO to USB tool:…


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  2. I have since gone to the website where they offer the installation media. They offer to put the ISO on a DVD rather than a flash drive. The first option of the two indicates that they will put the media on a flash drive directly. Does this mean that I can skip the Windows 7 USB/DVD step because it downloaded the media to my USB? Silly question but this is my first time making a bootable media.

  3. please help, I cant find any vids for m problem, I'm ready to quit. please email at there is no video I can find to upload windows from the bios with a usb, I always see people with window installed from windows but not in the bios I have no cd drive only a usb and windows 8.1 please help

  4. Guys, I need help. I have a alienware M14xR1 with an optical drive, I have a usb with Windows 10 on it. The laptop has no os currently, so i have to go to utility menu. Please help me get this laptop a new os.

  5. I just built a new pc , dont know what to do , i made a bootable drive ( a flashdisk ) from my laptop

    And then i plugged it in my pc and boot it up , after getting into bios , i see no boot order or whatever it is , i have a gigabyte motherboard


  6. my laptop just doesn't work properly anymore if i install anything it say's program closed not working or something and i also wanna upgrage to windows 8.1 because you can't run ps4 remote screen on windows 7 i want that to start streaming on twitch through my ps4 so hope i can download windows 8.1 for free :/

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