How to install Windows 8 from a USB drive – Easy & Fast

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Install Windows 8 from a USB flash Drive. Its easy to create a Bootable Windows 8 USB installer flash drive. Make a bootable copy of your Windows 8 ISO file or Windows 7 ISO file on a USB flash drive or a DVD. Check out microsoft downloads for Win8 and do a Windows 8 download. Windows 8 release preview install is easy to do from a USB drive. So quickly learn how to install windows from usb flash drive in this easy video help.

IMPORTANT UPDATE 05/06/2013: Microsoft has changed the…


  1. unfortunately this only works on a working system. scenario: you walk into a customers home. their windows8 system is so trashed/infected it won't load windows. they have no media. you want to re-install windows 8 from a USB drive using their product key. how do you do that if you can use windows? 

  2. I run into a really stupid problem I downloaded the Win7 USB/DVD tool but it said it neede mastering api v2 so I went to download it and it said my operating system language is different from the update so I couldn't install it so I downloaded another program called WinToBootic so if anyone runs into a problem like that use that worked perfectly for me 🙂

  3. Hey, I have an question, So I factory set my win8. Now for the last 3-4 hours I am getting preparing automatic for a couple of seconds and then black screen for a couple of seconds, gateway logo and then diagnosing your PC…… SO my question is  if I set up a bootable usb with win8 on it and it boots up will I solve the problem,I been googling it for the last 3 hours and been trying their "good" tuts and nothing. ANY HElp I AM about TO THROW MY DAM COMPUTR!!!!

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