How to install Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10. 2017

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Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Movie Maker in 2017 but it still works great and this is how to get it.
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  1. This is Videowin movie maker, not the official windows movie maker. It's also a free trial. However I suspect the name is worded cleverly so that "windows" could be referring to the operating system in general, even though it looks like it means it's "the" windows movie maker.

  2. I thank you, you are life safer and lots of bull people telling you all kind of bull.You are really great and to the point and it took few minutes after searching 100s of bull videos from other you tubers. Keep up the great job.

  3. You can install it and make a project but as soon as you go to save your project to your PC a little box comes up saying in order to do that you will have to buy the FULL version as the one you're using is the TRIAL version. Knew this was too good to be true.

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