How to Install Windows on new PC in 7 Easy steps with EasyPCbuilder! HD Windows 10 Windows 7

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Learn the best way how to install Windows on new PC (Windows 10, Windows 7) from start to finish with a Computer Engineer in several easy steps!!

A no-nonsense, straightforward video on the Windows 10 Windows 7 install process. Ever wanted to Install a Windows 10 Windows 7 on new PC? This video will show you how.

This second video in a three video series from EasyPCBuilder covers the following:

– How to build a PC in 30 minutes with EasyPCBuilder
– How to install your Windows 10,…


  1. Hey guys can someone help me? I built a pc yesterday and everything is fine. But I cannot update anything at all? My windows or steam wont update, neither does my geforce drivers? I can search the internet but my pc just dont update anything? Anyone knows about this please help!!

  2. What CD do I need? A fucktard who I bought a laptop from Ebay, cleared his HDD without reinstalling a OS.

    Would Windows 10 Media Tool work? or do I need to drop $70 on Amazon to buy a Windows Installation disc?

  3. Hello brother!! I am one of your channel subscriber.
    I have installed Windows 7 many time as much as 3,4 times of now. Because every time I installed OS, it works well up to 1 or 1.5 month and after that it suddenly crashed and displayed Windows is not genuine. Again I installed new OS, again after sometime it also displayed Windows not genuine.
    why this happening? what should be the problem? please I need your assistance.
    your help will appreciated.

  4. I am going to build my first PC in February 2017. Will a new guide be available by then?

    I would like to build $2000 Gaming system, but I want to use a M.2 SSD and don’t know if the mobo listed in the guide comes with it.

    Thanks for showing me how to build a PC the right way!

  5. I ordered a new computer without operating system because I have the one form my old computer and I plan to wipe out the old desktop hard drive, but I'd like to add a recovery partition how much space do you need for recovery partition? or can you use anther hard drive installed in the computer? I get 4 TB none sold state drive, and I have anther 2 TB and 1 TB drive form my last computer I can add in. I would like to have to have the 1 TB drive as the recovery would that be doable or do I have to have in on the main drive?

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