How To Install Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 / BartPE via USB

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  1. I did this with a usb & it worked. I purchased & downloaded avg with all the features…ran a scan over the whole system. used disk doctor & it had to restart to scan drive c…. then i got the diskchk bullshit…Now I can't get in to windows….the only way it'll boot at all is with the usb….& when i try to reinstall windows… it gets to the copying/expanding files/ updates / features & completing installation box then it restarts & goes back to language then i have to enter the product key then choose the driver then back to copying expanding box then it restarts & i'm fucked all over again….. by the time i get this shit figured i'll be really smart or just a fucking psycho….

  2. Great! This saved me a bunch of time, thanks for sharing. I detailed the process to get through my dilemma on my website at meddersnation. Good luck to the others who watch this video!

  3. Don't go there. You can reinstall windows from your Windows USB or whatever. Those companies are just to get money from people who don't know how simple it is! All they will do is install windows on your computer or wipe it. Nothing is wrong with your actual computer parts.

  4. If your computer is freezing when its booting from USB, you've either created the USB key wrong, your USB key isn't bootable (some do not), your BIOS is having issues reading the USB Key on boot, or you have a hardware problem. This video wouldn't affect your ability to boot from a USB key.

  5. just bought a netbook with 1gb ram and its running win7. its not going to run very well. and as it is a netbook there is not realy a need for a cd drive. thanks for your help.

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