How to Install Windows XP from a USB Flash Drive

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Install Windows XP From USB in a simple way


1. USB stick

2. Winsetupfromusb :

3. Winrar

4.Windows XP iso ( links)

Windows XP Pro 32

Windows XP Pro 64




  1. I downloaded the w2k3sp2_3959 file from the Microsoft Windows XP ISO download page. But when I used the WinSetupfromUSB after the USB was prepared, and selected the folder where the XP ISO file was extracted into, I get error message: missing files: …I386TXTSETUP.SIF and …AMD64TXTSETUP.SIF
    any ideas, anyone?

  2. when I select option 4: "setup is being restarted………….." then goes to a black screen and nothing happens. Then if I try to just run Windows XP it gives me blue screen. Dude I don't understand why the hell didn't you just showed part 4, you stopped in part 3, and now part 4 is not working and I have no idea why

  3. help, please! i have this problem. if i want to start for exemple explorer i get this cannot access the specified device path or file. and i can't change anything in the settings menu for exemple internet connection

  4. Though this works, just a recommendation – Use easy2boot from . I use this primarily as I could create a super boot & repair disk with multiple ISOs – ranging from linux distros to winxp, win 7, win 8 , win 10, acronis , boot managers / partition managers. Have tried all like the names of WinSetupFromUSB & many more. But easy2boot is just awesome

  5. Thanks,Worked for me!!
    Here are the steps I did:

    Note: Gigabyte(my current computer) will not work with win xp,only old laptop and pcs are

    supported for xp,and also will not work on installing in usb flash drive

    This is working in Dell Inspiron Mini Laptop

    steps 1:
    Make Windows xp folder in desktop and extract Windows XP Pro SP2 in it.

    Open WinSetupFromUSB,click refresh and select the drive.

    Click RMPrepUSB,select XP/BarrtPE bootable[NTLDR] , NTFS, Boot as HDD

    Click Clean and after that click Prepare Drice

    click exit

    check Windows 2000/xp/2003 setup and select windows xp from at desktop

    click Go

    After the process done, open My computer,rename the flash drive to windows xp and open the

    flash drive and also open windows xp folder in desktop

    OPen WINSETUPXPpSP2I386 in flash and I386 in desktop folder
    copy all files and folders from desktop folder to flash I386 folder and click copy and

    replace for all

    In bios change the settings to IDE or Disable it .

    select first part
    after installing of first part ,select second part

    Asms files not found error or any other file not found error will come
    It will prompt to enter correct location of files,this is due to installing from flash

    drive ,it doesn't know the right location of installation file

    First you will give something like this:

    Change it to


    LETTER denotes A,B…………Z ,Try one by one and press enter till you get the correct

    letter of the drive

    Next after getting the correct address,put it for all other prompts

    Now the windows is installed,the laptop will reboot ,press F12 Boot menu,select HDD to boot

    windows xp

    After booting ,Install Drivers



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