How to install windows xp from a usb flash (WinToFlash)

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Video show how to install Windows XP from usb drive to a netbook or notebook (without CD-ROM and DVD-ROM) with Novicorp WinToFlash software.
Also for Windows 2003.


  1. Go to advanced mode then click the first option which is Transfer Windows XP/2003 setup to USB drive and after you do that click format it will be the fourth option at the top of the program and on file system set it to FAT 16 CHS. Trust me this works and if you don't understand I'll make a video tutorial showing you what to do it seems alot of people are having this problem. The person in this video has no idea what the fuck they are doing because my method works just perfect it has never given me a problem

  2. This would probably work for most people but didn't work for me. I ended up using WiNToBootic which seems to automate just about everything including flashing and quick formatting the USB key before loading the files. For anyone trying to load Win7/8 or XP it's worth trying. Add dot com to their name to find their site and download. It's free with no survey or registration crap to get or use it. It's better than most of the *easy* methods and minimal options to screw up.

  3. this sis busllsiht,not working with xp formatts and copies the files but Win to Flash usb even if they boot,they give error on me,i tried with more than 10 different xp files.IT S NOT WORKING ON XP! only in win 7 installs win 7 pretty well from usb

  4. It is because not all computers, laptops, or notebooks have cd-rom drives and an external usb cd-rom drive. Mostly bootable USB drives are used during critical times and also when you have limited resources. For me thumb drives are more portable than cd's. Also bootable USB drives with higher memory capacity can be both bootable and still can be used for storage. Some utilities for bootable USB drive can establish an unattended microsoft windows installation.

  5. I did do that, i have 2 partitions, one is 6 or 8 GB and the other is about 450 GB (had about 60 GB movies, programs, etc, but most important i had almost 2 gigs of important documents) so i can make butable win 7 or xp in this case, but nevertheless even when i formated only that partition, this stupid program formated my other partition also with no questions ask. To cut this story, this program sucks bad.

  6. ok. first calm down. download an .iso of any windows. then download power iso. mount your windows using power iso. goto My Computer and find what drive power iso put it under. then follow the instructions on the video.

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