How to install Windows XP on Mac (VMware Fusion)

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First of all you will need a bittorent client: (You can download other bittorent clients)

And you will need VMware Fusion:

Link to download Windows:

Windows XP (32 Bit) link:
(This is Recommended. I used this torrent and it works! No virus detected, it’s faster than Windows 7 and it’s only…


  1. that happend to mine when it installs cancel it and when it comes on to the home screen then do it because thats what i did just go to virtual machine and then from the drop down list select install VMware tools this would take from 20 min to 30 mins depending on what mac you have

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  3. Where's the product key. When i try it without the key this is what it says: Make sure you have rights to run the program and to access all directories it uses and rights to access all directories for temporary files. What do it do??

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