How to Install WordPress on Windows 8 with WAMP

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I find WAMP is very easy to use so this is how I install WordPress on Windows 8 with WAMP 2.4 version.

Note: My PC is on dual boot, that’s why it shows F directory, yours should be on C.

Things that used in the video:

WAMP download:
WordPress files to download:

Where to go from here? When you are ready to make your site alive for others to see, check out moving it easily with a plugin here:



  1. NO, no, no. Thank you so much for the simple video. I cannot thank you enough.
    This video was very straight forward. I wish I found this video a lot earlier. If this video ever gets deleted, please re upload it 🙂

  2. +kimmimebaby I tried to drag my project to the new tab ans it said that the page is not available. Can you you please help me out? What should I do?

    This webpage is not available


  3. +Naghma Nafees  if draggin doesnt work just open a new tab for example i named my project "newproject123" write in the url section "localhost/newproject123" it should open 🙂

  4. I am having an issue as some people below but I still do not have it resolved.  Everything is going well until i have to drag the project to a new tab then i get a message stating "This page can't be displayed".  I followed your instructions step by step… I watched a video posted below for this issue however when I check my apache httpd.conf file it is not correct… is not in there and there are no specific settings… what have i done wrong?  Please help… I am very new to this.  Thanks so much

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