[How To] Installing Scid vs. PC on Linux (Ubuntu, Debian etc.)

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How to install the excellent Scid vs. PC on your Linux machine (Debian, Ubuntu or Mint)

You can find a text version of this tutorial here:

Leave me a comment if you are facing any issues.


  1. actually run make did not work for me. It sayed to tlc.h file. I installed whatever i found on the internet and still no result. Than I just tried simple make and make install and it worked. Man thank you for your help. It was realy tough

  2. I have one more question: could you tell me how to make a nice shortcut of Scid whit the Scid logo on my desktop? I can only open Scid with the terminal. Thanks in advance. I already have installed Stockfish 32 bit in it, so there is no need to answer my previous question anymore 😉

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