How to Integrate DriverPacks into Windows XP, Vista, 7 by Britec

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How to Integrate DriverPacks into Windows XP, Vista, 7 by Britec

Welcome to DriverPacks Tutorial.

You want to integrate drivers into Windows Setup and found out manually integrating a driver is tedious and unforgiving work.
We like it the other way. We want Windows and Hardware setup made easy.
DriverPacks are driver collection archives.
The DriverPacks project Team make these archives ready for…


  1. Hi-I'm running an HP computer.I seen to be having a river or sector problem.I unabled the drivers in msconfig & have ran some msfixit center stuff that fixed some problems,but slow start up remains.My pc is not usually just fast,It's been pretty much do you fix a bad sector.I'm running windows-7 & I really don't want w-8.what can I do to fix this? Thanks in advance if you answer me.Have a great day!

  2. nice job mate can u plz tell me that;
    i want to integrate lots of drivers in my xp so xp cd work for every PC i.e HP , DELL,Intel etc so after installation all drivers were installed automatically or everyone search for their own drivers
    and second thing is i have other driver cd which have lots of i.e 600,000 drivers should i just paste them in 3rd party folder then they work or not plz tell me how can integrate them too.(600,000 drivers) 😉

  3. plz make tut about how to know a password to a rar file becasei lost my password for the rar file… plz plz i need the password soooo fast i saw vidoes how to found password for a rar file but they old and no one works… plz help dude (i subscribed )

  4. Hi Brian, Can you do a Tutorial of nlite from scratch so you go all through the stages of streamlining a Genuine copy of Win XP to a slimmed down version please. Most tutorial go too fast and skip half of it as they have already done it previously. This is no help to someone who is stuck like me.

  5. the only problem with the driverpacks integration is it adds an unattended portion to the winnt.sif file to get round the unsigned drivers in the packs. This prevents the disk from being used repair installs selecting the location and other goodies.
    If the unattended additions are removed from the WINNT.sif file before you use nlite to make the iso file it still works as it did before.

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