How To Keep Mouse Cursor From Disappearing in Windows 8

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Check out the step-by-step tutorial here as well on Tom’s Hardware:

Automatically disappearing mouse cursor in Windows 8 got you down? Not to worry! With this how-to, you’ll quickly discover options to turn off that pesky “feature” of Windows 8 in no time flat!


  1. It doesn't work…

    I had this same problem for months.. I have tried this, I have tried signing out and login, everything!

    It comes back rarely. And when it comes back it dissapears right after I turn the computer off.

    Mine is touch screen, but the screen is broken so I can't use it…

    I need a completely different method so I can resolve this permanently…

  2. For anyone who is watching this video: When you disable the options shown with checkmark, don't forget to restart your computer. If you don't know how to uncheck the options only with your keyboard, just press the underlined letter in each option.

  3. so I opens krita today, and when for tried to sketch anything the brush would disappear on the canvas and I can't see what I'm drawing. yesterday i didn't have much of a problem except maybe it lagged when I did brush strokes for like 1 second but now I'm stuck. help?

  4. I was very excited to try this (thank you for posting). Unfortunately my computer will not allow me to click on mouse settings. It allows me to hover over it but when clicked nothing happens. Go figure!! I guess now I have to figure out why. lol 🙁

  5. You just made "the typical smart person mistake "how could we do this and you showed us how to do it and you got it your mouse is working how are we supposed to do it and please no get further away so we could barely see what's going on!

  6. Using Windows 8.1 and my cursor disappears after less than a minute. However, only the main cursor disappears and other cursors like the ones used for link and text don't change. It first only started with custom cursors and now even the default one no longer works. I did as the video said and got no benefit. I really need help since I even ran system restore to no avail…

  7. I'm trying this to fix my no-cursor problem for my Windows 10 P.O.S., and managed to get to the very last step navigating with the Tab and Arrow keys, but I can't uncheck the box without a working mouse and cursor! How do you uncheck it with just the keyboard???

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