how to lock windows xp folders (easy)

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in this vid i will be showing you how to lock windows folders without any software all you will need i a code witch can be found hear:
after getting that code follow the steps on screen thanks for watching and dont be a hater 😀

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  1. That is actually a guide on how to make a control panel shortcut with a custom title like "Silly Joy", and to reverse is to know how to use cmd, or the password.

  2. 42000 views and many people saying thank you to me for putting this up, if it was not useful for you thats fine but it has helped allot of people. and if you delete the control panel icon, im sure there is something called the recycle bin 🙂 thanks for the comment.

  3. you didnt mentioned it on the video so some may be confuced but if you want to change the password..there are two %pass%== you have to change…i only changed the one when i created my folder and even if you write "password" when you need to put the pass it will open the folder…so what i am trying to say is that you have to change both "%pass%==" if you want to change your password… sorry if i confuced you more.. : )

  4. I did this on windows xp, and locked 3 folders, and none of them would open back up. I lost all of them. One of them had a bunch of videos in it, so now I've permanently lost hard drive space. And yes, passwords are correct. Any ideas?

  5. good question, i dont know, if you find the answer out please put in in the comments section to show one of the cons of using this, if you find a solution please tell me and the people who view this vid , thank you all for the comments 🙂

  6. look at the date you dont think i know :S i dont use this any more i use linux no need to if you dont like it or you think its bad then dont use it im not forcing you to 🙂 ty for the comment

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