How to make a bootable USB flash drive to install Windows 7 onto any netbook, notebook or PC

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Easiest way to make a bootable USB Flash memory drive using any Windows PC (XP or later) so you can install Windows 7 on any other PC even if it has no DVD drive. You can download RMPrepUSB directly from

To make a multiboot USB flash drive containing multiple Windows Install ISOs – see my Easy2Boot videos.

See also Tutorial #43 at for how to make a multi-boot USB Flash drive containing Windows Vista, 7 and Server 2K8 ISO files (64-bit and…


  1. Thank you Thank you  Thank you  Thank you  Thank you  Thank you  Thank you  Thank you  Thank you  Thank you  Thank you  Thank you  so much it was very very very helpful.

  2. Hey, Steve . You know how to make pen drive format vice versa ? Means after you change the format of pen drive to NTFS to make a bootable pen drive can you change back to Fat 32 ? Me using pen drive 4GB . Thanks .

  3. You are almost correct. Simply copying on the files from the DVD will work only IF you first formatted the USB Flash drive using Windows Vista/7/8 format to apply the bootmgr bootloader. However, it won't work if you use an XP system to prepare the flash drive as that will apply an ntldr bootloader and so it won't boot.

  4. guys dont dowmload this software all you got to do is get the windows 7 disk and an 8g flash drive and take the windows 7 file and put it in the flas drive, next take the flash drive and put it in the computer you want to put windows 7 on and and as soon as the computer turns on there will be a boot menu but you will have to do it fast by clicking the hot key it tells you to click, then select the flas drive to boot off of and thats it you welcome.

  5. yeah you're right.. I used exactly your settings from the video in RMPREPUSB which resulted in the BOOTMGR is missing press ctrl+alt+del error. Anyways, I seem to have found my way working around this problem using some extra steps. Thanks for the quick reply!

  6. Since myself and others do not get this problem when you follow the video and instructions, you need to explain why your experience is different from everyone else's experience…. Unfortunately I am not there sitting on your shoulder so I cannot see what equipment you have or what you did!

  7. Is it booting off of the USB stick again?
    It should reboot off the hard disk – so remove the USB stick, allow it to boot from the hard drive and then as soon as it starts to boot from the hard disk, insert the USB drive again.

  8. you see when installing windows 7 it gets to a point when the windows says "setup will restart to complete installation".So if i allow it to restart, the setup then starts the windows installation all over again but with dvd the setup continues the installation after restarting.

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