How To Make a Mineral Oil PC – Explained

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Mineral oil PC builds have been a staple of the toastybros channel since its inception. From the “First windows 10 mineral oil pc” to a Ryzen based mineral oil pc, we have created some awesome builds. But how do we do it? Where do you get mineral oil? I try to shed light on it in this video

-Recommended Parts-

Actual Good Price on Mineral Oil –

Fish Tanks (no particular order)
#1 –
#2 –

Pond Pumps
#1 -…


  1. Two words of advice for anyone looking to get mineral oil. First, if you are going to buy from a grocery store you can typically get them to order a few cases of mineral oil for you.

    Second, mineral oil is used as a lubricant in the food industry. If you happen to know someone who owns a restaurant they may be able to get it in bulk from their food service distributor. You also might be able to convince a grocery store or meat market to sell you a bottle of the bulk oil they get to lubricate their saws.

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