How To: Make a mountable Ubuntu iso on OS X Lion

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When a Ubuntu iso is downloaded from it will not mount on an OS X Lion system. Nor will a DVD burned using that iso (a CD will though).

In this video I explain how to work around this problem to create a mountable iso image and DVD.

NOTE: This procedure does not work for the Ubuntu 12.10 desktop ISO image, instead you can use Keka (link below) to extract the ISO and then create your own DVD from the extracted files.



  1. my terminal says,,,,temps,macbook-2,,,;temp$,,,,this is what i have,,,,nw what the fuk do i do,,your video is now worthless to me,,,,you might as well delete the video because everyone has different terminals,,,shit,

  2. fffffuuukk,,weere is ubuntu stored??what do i type in terminal,,,god dammit,,,what now,,do i type all that shit you have typed into yours???im trying to get 14,04 not your 12,10,,,so right away this is wrong for me,,,now what the fuk,,,,see this is why videos suck,,,people dont explain details,,,explain what the fuk to do now,,,forget this shit,,,

  3. how the hell am i suppose to know what terminal directory it is stored,,???whaaaaaaaat,,my terminal came up,,now what????????what do i type in???????????how do i get the terminal to get the right instruction??do i have to type in a bunch of code i dont know,???????what the fuk man,,,,you leave people hanging on the terminal,,,i dont know what the hell to do now,,,you think people know how to work the terminal??this is worst part of computers,,,this fukin terminal,,,and ubuntu has to do so much shit on terminall,i hate the fukn terminal,,,,,so what now do i type in terminal,,,you just zipped by the most hardest part of this like we all know what the hell to type in,,,screw this,,,,

  4. I was able to install Ubuntu 12.10 into VirtualBox on my iMac following your latest suggestions. A. I used the hdiutil command to convert the downloaded *iso file. B. I renamed the output of hdiutil to ubunto.iso. C. I removed the earlier failed definitions for Ubuntu from VirtualBox. D. I started from scratch with VirtualBox to add Ubuntu. At the point where the set up offers the Optical Disk choice, I instead did as you suggested and selected my ubuntu.iso file and did not use DVD. Thanks!

  5. I tried your hdiutil suggestion but the resulting iso also is not mountable by Mac OS X. Using DiskUtility to try to open it, I got the same mounting error that you display here as the original problem. I then applied your original suggestion to my formated iso from your hdiutil command output. That also produces an iso that is not mountable. So, I sill have no luck with Ubuntu. I wonder if the Ubuntu team could consider creating a downloadable iso that will work with Mac OS X?

  6. Would you be so kind as to detail the steps I should follow to extract the ISO using Keka and create my own DVD? I have tried twice and neither DVD I created was recognized as a bootable device when I tried to use them as install disks for VirtualBox. I had no trouble extracting the downloaded *iso file from Ubuntu to its constituent files and folders. I don't know exactly what to do with them now. I used DiskUtility to simply burn them to a DVD. No dice. So, I created an ISO DVD. No Go.

  7. Two methods are offered here. I find that neither works for me to install Ubuntu 12.10 on my iMac.
    1. I cannot burn a CD from the Ubuntu iso I downloaded because it will not fit on a CD, being bigger than 700 MB. It is 800.1 MB.
    2. The extracted *.file file I generated with the dd command shown is not correct. It has only 1 subdirectory, efi. When I burn it to DVD, it is not recognized as a bootable install disk as I try to install Ubuntu from VirtualBox on Mac OS X 10.8.3.

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