How to make a unattended sysprep for Windows 7, Windows 8

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How to create a unattended syspreop for windows 7 and windows 8


  1. for some reason every time I open the catalog file it says it is invalid. I tried from a folder, from iso mounted and still no prevail. Please someone help me out there if you can. Thanks.

  2. Wanting to make a company default install image by using your method but I also want to include Office Pro 2013, a PDF viewer we like, Solidworks, and a few other applications rather than having to install each one individually after the OS is done.   Back in the day, we would "Slipstream" service packs.  Is there a method of doing similar with the ADK or AIK configuration?

  3. And for multiple PCs in the same network, OOBE settings would make conflict, I believe. In that case, we can skip those steps. Also, this video missed the disk setup options, which is a necessary step. Please reply. Thanks.

  4. Hi there,
    Thanks a lot for this video. Your way of let understand the people is very nice. U do followed very slow speeches, which is good to understanding. But, you have missed two points in this video, which I have to sort out.

    1) How you did the catalogue file (.clg) been created? Though it's already in the DVD itself. But still may need to create, who doesn't have that. Simply need to use 'install.wim' file from Windows DVD/Source directory.

    2) Also how to create script file, and what it's name should be? I think the name could be anything as long as it is created as a batch file. So it is a batch file created by Notepad.

    If I am wrong at any point, please make a correction on my comment. Thanking you again for this nice tutorial.

  5. Great video. Can you copy the image just created on this tutorial with the answer file and place on either a USB stick or DVD and make it bootable. You can take the DVD/ USB stick anywhere and then install the image onto a pc?

    Also if the image is going onto different hardware, how do you keep it as generic as possible?

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