How To Make a Windows 10 PE Media Disk or Bootable USB Drive

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With the current release of Windows 10 also came the release of the newest Windows PE based off of Windows 10. Windows PE is used to create out of band management and deployment of Windows 10. The process is identical to the Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 process of creating a bootable USB drive Windows PE. In this video I will create a bootable ISO, because it is easier to attach to a virtual machine so that we can see the finished product. One of the prerequisites is the installation of the…


  1. If you boot from your Windows 10 installation disk, you can go into the tools menus and drop out to an administration console. What are the advantages of doing it in the way shown above.

  2. Thanks for doing this. Creating WinPE's can be complex and the commands aren't intuitive, not to mention changing with each ADK version (so have a Win 10 based is especially appreciated). I watched the video you created after this one on adding customer drivers and apps and that was excellent too.

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