How to make a Windows 7 Install Disk With All Editions

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In this tutorial I will be teaching you how to make a Windows 7 disk that allows you to install any version of Windows 7 (Or at least to a certain bit)

Step 1, have a downloaded RTM .iso of Windows 7, this can be any version.

Step 2, either extract the .iso or open the .iso with an .iso editing software like MagicISO

Step 3, go to the sources folder and delete the ei.cfg file

Step 4, Save the .iso

Step 5, burn the iso and you should now be able to install any version of a certain bit of…


  1. when i try to install it it says it can't complete the installation cuz install.wim isn't in it. so when i cancel the installation, the computer restarts, but starts the windows installation process all over again because i can't remove the disc on my imac. so anyone know how i can remove a disc on my imac?

  2. Why did you delete ei.cfg <—- can anyone answer this ? bcuz the uploader is no longer with us.
    He was accidently  shot 14 times  and stabbed 19 times, for killing an innocent raccoon.
    Let us bow our heads and say a little prayer for the uploader of this stupid video, that didn't explain why he deletes stuff, AMEN 

  3. so i burned another disc with the same software in this video. this does not work. I read on a forum that once the iso image is modified (deleting the ef.cfg file) it will not work

  4. I deleted ei.cfg with MagicISO burned to DVD and booted from the disc. Everything was good until I clicked install now. It said I had no install.wim file. However when I inspect the contents from the disc the install.wim file is there. Anyone else have this problem? When I burned the DVD I used Windows Disc Image Burn on my Win7 Home Premium. I did not have verify disc after burning.

  5. Download The Iso File From –
    goo on thepiartebay website search in Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Retail(final)
    x86 and x64

    ( Need UTorrent ) Same Name Of the file so if u dont trust me trust the name
    – Then Follow his Intrustions when he hits that 2:09 He Didnt Tell U U Also Have to Download Active Iso Burner then there u go

  6. so when you install any of these versions, will they have the product id shown or will it be removed ?

    im looking for the OEM ones with the product id, then i can activate it it with 7loader software showing the product id saying it is genuine

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