How To Make a Windows 7 USB Flash Drive

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Today we are going to make a Windows 7 USB flash drive so we can reprogram/reformat a computer without a CD/DVD drive.

Program Link:

Flash Drive That I use:


  1. Thanks a bunch! I still had to do some hunting around for the right ISO file (and a bootsect to go with it once I found it), but it worked out and I'm putting Windows 7 on a computer I thought I'd never be able to use again. Thank you!

  2. Hi I need help Installing windows 7 on My Lenovo Thinkpad E425.I had rebooted it to factory set and after that it kept telling me to activate windows , but I didn't take it on , until it disappeared. It is not coming on  to log on to your user/profile. I don't know how to fix that problem .please help.

  3. Hey I just bought all of the parts for my computer but I didn't buy an os, if my friend did this on his pc and then I plugged it into my pc once it's all together, would it download Windows 7 on my computer?

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