How to make Simcity 5 Run with any graphics card (2013) Fixing error [2001]

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How to make Simcity 5 Run with any graphics card (2013) windows 7. I found the fix myself:
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / /look below for fix in words/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

Additional fix for Nvidia cards by ROVTECH2:

“Solution for old laptops using NVIDIA: Don’t install the old drivers the manufacturer has laying around on their website. Instead go to Nvidia and update the latest 2013 drivers. I…


  1. I have a PC Desktop. Dell Optiplex 745. It has windows 10. Never once had any compatibility issues until now. I'm being told my graphics card is below spec. How do I get around this or is there a way to do some kind of update?

  2. +Aby Arts You need to save the changed file to your desktop, delete the old one from the Simcity folder and move the new one, on your desktop, to the Simcity folder, replacing the old one.

  3. Can you help me !! when i started to select a server in Multiplayer it always say that Unable to Connect to the Server please try again but i already reload it so many times but it keeps saying it !! fuck !!

  4. this was easy and got rid of good cheats from origin but i rather play the game with out it crashing on me 4 time a day ty so much for this dude. fyi manual still freezes up thats the only time it freezes up on me

  5. got AMD A4- 3300 APU (RADEON) in my processor. is it compatible to run with this type of game? cause when try to play this game all i get is lag :(( help me please? tbt, got no idea about system requirements in that game.  

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