How to Make windows 10 Bootcamp Usb Stick with 2 Methods | Mac OS X Sierra

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— New video for Mac OS X High Sierra 10.13 : —

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this a new video of installing windows 10 on mac computers (mac book pro, imac, mac book pro air , mac book , mac pro , mac mini):
1er part : how to install windows 10 using bootcamp and how to make windows 10 usb flash drive .
2nd part : how to install it without bootcamp
3rd part : install windows 10 on mac book pro retina

if you need windows 10 link…


  1. Hey Tech Wery, i managed to edit the .plist and replaced the original just like you showed. But when i open my Boot Camp Asst. it say ''Boot Camp Assistant quit automatically'', what do i do? i have OS X (2009 MacBook white)

  2. dear sir ! can you please tell me how to install boot camp to win 10 . already i install win 10 as you say on method 2 on this video , download bootcamp from apple support the version of ( bootcamp5.1.5769 ) but its not work , thanks for help !!

  3. Hey, I don't think I'm the right place right know,, but all I need is just some help from you.
    I got here MacBook Pro (15 inch, Late 2011) with Mac OS X Sierra 10.12 also boot camp version 6.1 and I just follow you videos step by step, but something get wrong. there is no windows 7 on display (Windows 10 only) can u explain?

  4. i got an error !!! in (windows setup ) like this ( windows cannot be installed to this disk the selected disk has an MBR partition table on EFI systems, windows can only be installed to GPT disks , dear Sir at the first i partition like you say on the video MS-DOS (FAT) but i got this error cant install on this partition format !!

  5. On the first method it says I can’t edit it cause it is locked and it says I can’t unlock it so I copied it and did the instructions and it doesn’t let me replace the info.plist I have iMac 2011

  6. Hey TechWery…. Thanks so much for the video, but when I dont see any option in BootCamp as in where to partition the hard drive. And when I reboot it doesn't show the bootable usb even when its plugged in. What could be the problem? Thank You.

  7. I was able to install Windows 10 on my Mac Book Pro 2011 with the second method, thank a lot! But I don't understand how to finish the process with the Flash USB key…this step at the end of the video is not very well explain, could you detail it please ? Thank you very much.

  8. Hey Tech! so Ive been running into a problem when I get to the select tasks page on Bootcamp I hit continue and it "Unexpectedly Quits" and I cannot move forward in the process! desperate for help, been reading a lot of forums none of which helped.

  9. For unsupported mac users use this method:

    DISCLAMER: If anything goes terribly wrong like the Mac OS X uninstalling boot into recovery mode. Once your in recovery press reinstall Sierra OS X (Hold ALT when you power on your computer and select Recovery.

    DISCLAMER: You need to use an empty disk, meaning you can't just simply take a movie disc like "Nacho Libré" because this will not have enough space, neither can you remove anything on it. Discs aren't to expensive anyways so you'll be fine

    DISCLAMER: Minimum USB storage would be 8GB but 16GB would allow you to store extra files. Putting the windows ISO onto a usb would probably not work, but if you have time to spare, and now what you are doing, I would recommend etcher (Disc burning utility), then again I don't advise this!

    First off you must have a USB with atleast 8gb of storage, a disc with 6gb of storage, and the windows 10 iso file. (Download:

    Now once you have downloaded the file you need to Right Click, Select Burn to Disc
    This may take a while!

    Now put in your USB Drive, go to Disk Utility and select you USB. Once your here at the top you'll see a section of buttons. Select the erase button. Rename it to whatever you like and select format as MS-DOS (FAT).

    Now open Disk Utility again. This time head to your devices main drive. Press the + button, name it BOOTCAMP and give it however much storage you want. (MIN: 50GB) Now click format.

    Once this is done restart your computer, and as soon as the screen is black hold the option key. Boot into the disc we made earlier. Follow the install process and select bootcamp when it asks where files should be stored..

    If your mac reboots into the OS X Sierra open system preferences, and click boot drive. Now click BOOTCAMP (not the disc). Boot into BOOTCAMP using the option key restart method.

    It should open up to boot camp installation when the windows 10 is installed. Make sure you plug in all you keyboards and mices. This will install the drivers to make them work with windows 10.

    I hope I helped 😀

  10. Hello
    Is there a way to install windows 10 on an external USB harddrive? So I can boot windows from an external USB Drive?
    I got an MacBook Pro 15" Retina late 2013. latest Sierra
    Maybe you can make a video on that.

    Thank you in advance 😎🤙

  11. I am trying to create windows 10 bootable usb for another computer that has nothing on it, when i try to press continue on the home screen of boot camp it wont let me go in it says the startup disk cannot be partitioned or restored to a single partition what can i do please help ?

  12. I have a MacBook Pro 2012, tried both methods neither worked. 2nd method was working like a charm until the restart/ hold option key, not sure why the shift key was highlighted. computer went directly to internet options. spent all day with a variety of you-methods and this was just a waste of my time. Very frustrated!!!!!

  13. When i click to format the bootcamp drive it gives me an error "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. the selected disk has an MBR partition table. On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed to GPT disks". what am i doing wrong?

  14. I did the first method and it rebooted, I picked the boot camp drive then formatted it. But it says it can't be installed to this disk. The selected disk has an MBR partition table. On EFI system, windows can only be installed to GPT disk.

    What can I do please help.

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