How to make Windows 7 look like Vista: Complete Guide (2018 Edition)

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Quick Launch Directory: C:UsersYourUserNameHereAppdataRoamingMicrosoftInternet ExplorerQuick Launch

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0:

Classic Shell:

Windows Vista Boot Screen for Windows 7:

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  1. If you try opening any third party software included in the transformation pack (such as CustomizerGod) and get an error about Internet Security settings, view this video on how to fix it:
    I recommend creating a system restore point before replacing Windows Media Player 12 with Media Player 11 just in case something goes wrong.
    Also, make sure when taking ownership of .EXE files (such as WordPad and Paint), you choose either "Administrators" or "Users" after clicking on the Edit button. I didn't do this properly the first time I tried replacing certain programs so I couldn't replace the files until I went back and did it correctly (I edited this part out and forgot to put an annotation in the video).

  2. Great to see that you liked the idea of the Win 7 -> Win Vista transformation back then so much. I have some notices to make for further refinement of the transformation.
    1. If you're using Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate, you can use a group policy setting to disable the ability to pin to the taskbar (7's quicklaunch) entirely, showing an Ø for dragged items, like in Windows Vista.
    2. A feature that I loved about Vista's taskbar very much that Windows 7 removed, was the ability to make the taskbar not be always on top, making applications able to use full screen without auto-hiding the taskbar, so it doesn't popup when you hover your cursor at the bottom of the screen. To do that, you can use 7+ Taskbar Tweaker -> Advanced settings & set "Disable Topmost" value to 2.
    3. Windows Vista's taskbar's preview windows had a fixed size, while it's variable in Windows 7 (depending on app window ratio). An older tutorial of you had a fix for that included, I remember you using another kind of 3rd party tool for that, setting width and height to 200px, I think.

  3. Dude, I have been watching your vids since 2015 but there are some vids that are unlisted. Yes… your name is different too but Vista has no support so I get it. But the vidz? Make an playlist of some unlisted videos, please!

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