How To: Make windows 7 Start up faster

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In this short tutorial I will be showing you how to make your windows 7 boot up faster.


1. Open Ms config
2. Set processors to max in the boot tab under advanced
3. Change timeout from 30 to 3.
4. Disable unwanted startup items
5. Disable unwanted services.

This also works for windows Vista, windows 8 and windows 10.


  1. i don't know if it works, do to the updating at the time i did this, yup my computer decided to update. so till all the updates are installed configured then will see, i have a ASUS gaming computer, and its not as fast as i thought it was going to be.Maybe i need to actived something what i have no idea.well this is what it has under the hood.

    intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3610Qm CPU @ 2.30GHz
    RAM 12.0 GB
    64 BITS OS
    1.5 Terebytes HDD
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M
    Xeon (R) processor E2-1200 v2/3rd Gen Core

  2. HI Matt! I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to post this video! It worked like a charm. Especially the amount of processors on start up. It was set to 1, I had 8 available. Your whole process made my Alienware run much faster! Thanks again!

  3. Dude I took a hell of a risk using this method right after i've been resetting my W7 becouse of startup problems. And as a rational person I am, I read the comments while my computer was starting up after doing your method. But to my surprise, it worked out fine! I would still like to know that does the usage of cores while startup affect your computer in any way?

  4. I'm not 100% sure this was the cause to all the problems I have run into since yesteday when i did this. Just after I did it my computer wont turn on (I had turned windows start animation off) it just run into bluescreen and restarted. Then it ask me to what I think is Troobleshooting in english but  i come from Denmark so I have it on Danish. Then I waited severel minutes and then I just turned off my pc and turned it on again and press f8 until savemode came up. I changed the setting back and it startede fine. I opened the program again and saw it havent saved the settings I change back so I did it again and restart just fine. But now 90% of my games wont start even after i tried to re-install one. MInecraft now says out of memory even thoug i have 8 gb of ram but in the boot menu now it keeps change it to 3000 something and I can only choos one processor before i could chosse 8 somehow.
    I haved some minor  bugs and error before (I think it maybe have something to do with my cracked windows) but this is really pissing me of I CANT PLAY MY DAMN GAMES. Someone knows anything to help me out please! I really regret I did this. The only opside ids that my pc starts really fast.


    I have build all my self

    Hope someone can help me out!

  5. I've improved my boot speed to my personal record of 33 seconds (prior avg was 43 seconds)-I may be able to get it down to 29-30 after a few more tweaks. Selecting 4 cores seems to have contributed, but also deselecting a few more unneeded services helped. Other programs I've used were:ccleaner, adwcleaner, mbam, O&O Defrag pro, & Defraggler, bootracer to measure bootup.
    I did this on a Win7x64 home premium laptop with Llano AMD A6 quad core cpu & an average 500gb 5400rpm hdd. (I'm satisfied with this result without using an SSD drive)

  6. Well. The reason to why Windows as standard only use 1 core to boot Windows.
    Is because….
    Windows have many programs that's need to be started in the right order for it to Work properly.
    Lets say you have to cores. And you set Windows to boot with both cores. Now there is a possibility that the programs wont boot in the right order. Causing your pc to lack or in worst case make it crash.
    So remember to make a restore point as many other in the comment suggest. And then have fun with it.

  7. i crushed my PC with this settings, many blue- and blackscreens. i recovered it the last 3 hours, i thought first my ram sticks are crushed, but they are still okay.

    very risky settings

  8. One i changed to 4 cores, i noticed a way faster startup…. but cpu had more load on it for some reason. I changed back because something was using it more. Make a restore point and also check CPU and other things after this.

  9. I must have turned off a service that was required for my computer by mistake, because now it refuses to turn on and crashes after the GUI is done, then starts booting up again and follows the circle until its force shut down. Any ideas how i can fix that?

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