How to make your PC/Laptop run faster in ONE STEP – Faster FPS = Faster Gaming – Free Tip

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This video shows you how to make a laptop faster & how to make your laptop run games better. Faster laptop = faster fps, faster gaming, faster apps and a faster computer using Windows 10. In this Windows tips and tricks tutorial customize Windows 10 performance settings and see how to speed up your PC for gaming and even see faster Internet response when surfing the web. Some laptops will even see faster boot speeds and shutdown times by adjusting your performance settings as shown in my…


  1. is it normal for my cpu to be around 87c and gpu 79 – 80c? im playing pubg on medium and low settings on my ASUS GL703 vd. it has a I7-7700 hq @ 2.8ghz, nvidia geforce GTX 1050 GDDR5 @ 4.0GB, my fans are pretty loud and i just wanna know if thats ok or normal?

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